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Advantages of an Integrated MSP and VMS Approach

Advantages of an Integrated MSP and VMS ApproachAdvantages of an Integrated MSP and VMS Approach
Sourcing the right talent is becoming a competitive differentiator for many companies. Teams with top talent outperform those with average talent by a factor of 5x to 10x. Also, with contingent labor comprising more than 20 percent of the total workforce, how that labor is sourced and managed suddenly plays a critical role. It takes a combined services and technology approach. This eBook explores the options that are available to enterprises and maps out the reasons why an integrated Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) approach is more effective than one where separate vendors are responsible for the MSP and VMS components. The examination explores six operational areas and three business outcomes where an integrated approach proves advantageous.

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