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October 24-October 26, 2017

Westin Philadelphia, PA

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Day 2: Pro-Collaboration One World, The Ultimate Goal: Excelling As A Unified Procurement Function

07:15 AM - 07:20 AM Women In Procurement Breakfast

Women bring a different perspective to procurement and supply chain management and are increasingly becoming an integral part of many supply chain organizations. The ever-popular ProcureCon Women in Procurement Breakfast returns to provide an intimate setting for executives to discuss the challenges women in procurement face and celebrate their successes. Participation provides you with access to a growing network of peers you can connect with throughout the year.

07:20 AM - 08:20 AM Continental Breakfast & Registration

08:20 AM - 08:25 AM Welcome Remarks

Jenna Williams, Program Director, ProcureCon Pharma


Jenna Williams

Program Director
ProcureCon Pharma

08:25 AM - 08:35 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address


08:35 AM - 09:00 AM Presentation: Corporate Culture: Cure or Culprit - Fostering Collaboration

Laurin Vincent, Global Alliance Leader, Genentech
Relationship Management is the only way to access the needed value from Pharma & CRO partnerships. When we approach relationship management from the lens of Cooperation, we are disadvantaged to reach true breakthroughs, as these only come from Collaboration.

Describe the difference between Cooperation and Collaboration and why it matters.

• How we can measure the success of partnerships with external providers
• The role of procurement in driving effective strategic relationship management principles
• The mindset shift required in order to truly deliver breakthroughs for your organization with external providers and business partners


Laurin Vincent

Global Alliance Leader
The geographic footprint of research and development has widened to encompass new technologies and innovators from emerging places. Through the Innovation Hub, there has been much significance in accelerating the rate at which product design, clinical validation, commercialization and market development have been developed, introduced, and scaled to meet the needs of people in resource-limited communities. Using a product development partnership model, discover how Merck & Co., inc. bring together the best minds from across public and private sectors to solve the world’s leading health problems.
•Capitalizing on regional Innovation Hubs to deliver innovation & speed
•Understanding the value proposition procurement provides through speed to market, risk mitigation and molding more effective partnering with the scientists
•Learn what decisions need to be made to create organizational flexibility to support the changing R&D landscape
•Structure efficiency and flexibility in mapping product supply during early preclinical stages
•Identify relevant facts that are required to accurately predict and scale up supply needs and conduct the planning work necessary, sustainable commercialization
•Align multiple functions to ensure scales up & effective R&D support


Moushmi Culver

AVP, Global Lead for Research & Development Sourcing & Procurement
Merck & Co., Inc.

Adam Randall

Director, R&D Sourcing & Procurement
Merck & Co., Inc.
Clearly, the global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major consolidation phase. Behind the stated objectives of access to new drugs, cost savings and synergies is a drive to focus on core competencies. Looking at procurement to guard against overpaying and facilitating poor post-merger integration, what are the best practices to fully:

Contract consolidation & merging of policies best practices
Leverage resources from big pharma and determine processes that align/tactfully scale down overlapping resources
Work on commercialization initiatives & the process behind divestures
Facilitate total creation & collaboration
Bridge communication & building stronger relationships under pressure
Support transitioning scientists


Chantal Sarmanoukian

Executive Director, Head of Strategic Procurement,
AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Karen Fedele

Head of Integrated Procurement Solutions

Tim Nguyen

Senior Manager, R&D Material Sourcing

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM Case Study Interactive: Category Strategy To Innovative Gurus: The Leaders Who Revolutionize SRM

Sean Cumbie, Head of Procurement & Global Biotech, AstraZeneca
The important difference in global category management is that all practitioners have distinct functionality profiles that are called upon to drive the operation of their teams, whether it’s tactical or task organizers. Furthermore, these differences in execution may also allow for opportunities to implement innovation into your supplier bases and new strategic measures for supplier diversity. Create the Innovation Tool Box to diagnose, task, drive, execute and score a healthy and proactive supplier base. Curious points include how to manage your supplier engagements in practice and ensure corporate protocol: how do you receive supplier ideas, how are other functions engaged, how do you staff the project team? How do you liaise between the supplier and the internal departments to enable supplier buy in as well?
Be hands on with the content and interact with the experts and to tool box best practices for:

• Obtaining the right mix of data to benchmark
• Crafting mutually beneficial supplier scorecards and cross functional performance assessments to measure performance against your SOW and the cadence to receiving those reports
• Quantifying innovation and elevating strategic partnerships to equip suppliers as the MVP’s of the team (particularly when needing to expedite demand change or maintain supplier continuity)
• When innovation calls for supplier diversity
• Creating a shared services function to leverage spend and ensure only one person or team is negotiating with your suppliers- effectively communicating strategic directive


Sean Cumbie

Head of Procurement & Global Biotech

11:40 AM - 12:20 PM Presentation With ProcureCon Partner ZS ASSOCIATES & Client

Pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers face an increasingly challenging operating environment, marked by industry-wide restructuring, slowing revenue growth, constrained profits, competition from companies in emerging markets, and uncertainty in overall macroeconomic conditions. In light of these issues, innovation, as a means of creating business value and generating growth, is crucial for pharmaceutical companies and suppliers alike. How to cultivate innovation, implement it, and sustain it requires building more collaborative relationships with your key suppliers. Discuss how to further develop your supplier relationships and bring them into the process to help grow your company’s revenue and profit. Address:
•Overcoming ‘traditional’ buyer-supplier attitudes and perceptions of limited information sharing, trust, capabilities and understanding of partner needs
•Navigating your single sourcing strategy for privileged access to supplier innovation
•Giving your critical suppliers a seat at the table and partnering for value creation


Vincent Djuhadi

Director, Development And Sourcing, Discovery and Product Development
Teva Global R&D

Steven Cray

Director of Supplier Relationship Management

Rea Tachdjian

Procurement Management | Global Strategic Sourcing | Category Partner | Supplier Management
University of South Florida

John Ure

Senior Director Commercials & Corporate Procurement

Christopher Ianelli

Founder & CEO

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch

Track B: Direct: Effective Engagement & Control

2:00 PM - 2:25 PM Case Study: Unlocking Full Commercial Potential By Better Integrating Clinical Development And Commercial Planning

The patient voice is being included much earlier in the development process than ever before. Gain insight into the value of smarter patient integration where the “patient’s voice” is a strategic driver to enhance the development and delivery of innovative therapies in our new health age.
The critical shift from drug-centric to patient-relevant.
• Pivotal patient touch points throughout clinical development and launch planning that will maximize both clinical and commercial outcomes.
• How and When to involve the patients
• Positive impact of integration on efficiency, commercialization and speed to marke

Innovation Spotlight

2:25 PM - 2:35 PM Innovation Spotlight

Innovation Spotlight

2:25 PM - 2:35 PM Innovation Spotlight

Innovation Spotlight

2:35 PM - 3:05 PM Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Networking Lounge

Be sure to join these interactive roundtable sessions and take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to discuss. Opportunities to sit and learn from life science executives like these do not exist elsewhere. Take control of your own event experience. Don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) of other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you.

1. Network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests and responsibilities
2. Take a deep dive into a niche topic in an intimate and informal setting moderated by a subject matter expert
3. Don’t miss out on the discussions you want to participate in—you’ll get to select a new topic after 30 minutes

Table 1: Making The Most Of Your Outsourcing Engagements
Lisa Khan, Former Senior Director of Professional Services Procurement, Mylan

Table 2: Supporting The Scientists
Vincent Djuhadi, Director, Development And Sourcing, Discovery and Product Development, Teva Global R&D

Table 3: Exit Strategies: Unwinding Supplier Relationships
Tom Cichon, Head of Sourcing & Procurement Operations, Pacira

Table 4: Tail Spend Management

Table 5: Elevating Your Procurement Maturity: Exploring New Design Processes For Better Partnerships
Brian Portugal, Senior Director of Purchasing, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Table 6: Valued Business Partnering For Divestures: Procurement’s Hand In The Adoption Of The Orphan Drugs

Table 7: Risk Mitigation: End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation Focusing On Sustainability And Environmental Footprint Reduction

Table 8: Embedding Procurement In Early Discovery- Scientists, Suppliers & Support
James Tornos, Senior Director of Global Procurement, Pfizer
Table 9: Procurement’s Role In Innovative Sourcing & Externalization of R&D

Table 10: Getting Comparator Sourcing Right


James Tornos

Senior Director of Global Procurement

Brian Portugal

Senior Director of Purchasing
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Tom Cichon

Head of Sourcing & Procurement Operations

Vincent Djuhadi

Director, Development And Sourcing, Discovery and Product Development
Teva Global R&D

Lisa Khan

Director, Strategic Sourcing, Professional Services & IT
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

4:10 PM - 11:59 PM Case Study Interactive: One Voice- Co-Creating Supplier Value Within The Cell Therapy World

Edward Karski, Senior Director – Science & Technology Outsourcing, Center of Excellence, Mallinckrodt
The point when outsourcing becomes critical to clinical stages is when both internal and external partners can understand what drives the fundamentals of strategic partnerships from early development to late stage. Discover how procurement managers can gain an alliance structure between suppliers, scientist and stakeholders through the highly successful Cooperation vs. Collaboration model:

• Establish systematic protocols for productive/trusted collaboration with scientists
• Supplier innovation to the R&D process
• Managing relationships with service providers to eliminating back door selling to help facilitate their prominence to stakeholders through procurement liasoned decision making
• How to reduce sourcing costs and cycle time
• Managing supplier diversity with continuous review
• Setting clear objectives and KPIs for your vendor’s performance throughout contract lifecycle
• Enabling efficient delivery of contracted products and services


Edward Karski

Senior Director – Science & Technology Outsourcing, Center of Excellence
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