ProcureCon Pharma US 2018

October 22 - 23, 2018

The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, NJ

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Day Two: Tuesday, October 23 | Optimizing Business Partnering & Supplier Relationships

7:15 am - 8:30 am Women in Procurement Breakfast

Find out how to break through gender siloes and nurture critical relationships with internal stakeholders to rise to the top of your global procurement organization over breakfast with 20 of your peers. Sign up early to benefit from this very popular session.

7:30 am - 8:30 am Registration and Breakfast

8:30 am - 8:35 am Welcome Remarks

8:35 am - 8:45 am Chairman’s Opening Remarks

8:45 am - 9:10 am Fireside CPO Chat: How To Measure And Communicate Successful Outcomes In Business Partnering To Elevate Procurement Inside The Business

Often procurement’s role in delivering savings or creating new revenue opportunities is overlooked or, at best, hard to measure. Find out how to develop metrics the whole business can buy into and ensure your partnerships with clinical stakeholders and CROs count and are recognized.

  • How to identify what your senior management value most from procurement’s interactions inside the business
  • Building metrics around the value to ensure you can precisely measure the performance of procurement business partnering
  • 3 real-world examples of partnerships that made a measurable difference to the P&L
  • How to transform successful partnerships that hit savings targets into stories your CEO can relate to

9:10 am - 9:50 am Interactive Case Study: Transforming Procurement to a Best-in-Class ROI: The Gilead Sciences Experience

Andy Murray - Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing Gilead Sciences
Procurement is the bridge between the outside world and the enterprise. Before crossing that bridge, procurement must first establish strong connectivity with key internal stakeholders. At Gilead, our procurement mission statement is to “work with the business, for the business, to maximize the value for every dollar spent.” In this discussion, we will explore ways to best establish strong enterprise-wide support, align on “one voice” to key suppliers, and highlight leading procurement accountabilities & deliverables. Once the strong foundation of aligned stakeholder support is secured, creating strategic alliances with select key suppliers is needed. We will also discuss how to best invest finite procurement resource time is selecting and developing these suppliers.  Key points to consider:

  • What are some ways to rise above low stakeholder expectations? Ways to break the stereotype of “all you care about is price.”
  • Aligning the procurement team with stakeholders on shared accountabilities, deliverables, and goals
  • Overcoming ‘traditional’ buyer-supplier attitudes and perceptions of limited information sharing, trust, capabilities and understanding of partner needs
  • Giving your critical suppliers a seat at the table and collaborating effectively for mutual value creation.


Andy Murray

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing
Gilead Sciences

9:50 am - 10:30 am Panel: Ethical Sourcing –Working With Your Suppliers To Ensure They Help Rather Than Hinder Your Sustainability Goals

Has your company set ambitious targets for sustainable sourcing in its future? While the CEO often sets these goals, it is often down to procurement to find a practical way to implement and achieve them. Managing short term financial budgets while trying to secure a long term sustainable supply can create conflicting strategies, but the benefits reaped by practicing sustainable procurement and corporate responsibility can be enormously rewarding.

  • Aligning sourcing initiatives to company ethics
  • How recycling materials and services can result in a cost effective initiative
  • Local environmental and human rights regulations
  • Establishing a sustainable, progressing procurement strategy
  • Assessing and quantifying sustainable procurement processes 

10:30 am - 11:10 am Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

  • Connecting the decisions we make in Preclinical Development to the effect in Clinical execution
  • Driving speed in the Discovery process to have our products reach the patient sooner


Moushmi Culver

Associate Vice President/Global Head of R&D Sourcing - Procurement, Corporate Strategy, Manufacturing


Gabrielle Dion

Director, Central Labs & Clinical Specialty Services


James Wheeler

Executive Director, Preclinical, Early Development, Lab Supplies & Equipment

11:40 am - 12:00 pm Case Study: Aligning Internal & External Business Partnering Through Global Or Regional Project Portfolio Visibility

Raphael Kleinmann - Director/Head of US Procurement Ferring Pharmaceuticals
In this talk address how to cohesively integrate award winning global supplier management into a centralized procurement excellence program by integrating yourself into further understanding:

  • How to work more closely with technology vendors and start-ups to build technology that is appropriate to your needs and compliant with regulatory requirements
  • What are the new relationship models to harness the needs of regional/global projects to leverage existing resources or develop new/necessary supplier relationships 
  • What are the ‘gaps in understanding’ between pharma and smaller tech vendors that lead to ineffective relationships?
  • How can you get involved with technology development to ensure that new tech is providing for your needs?
  • How can you find and support partners in technology development?


Raphael Kleinmann

Director/Head of US Procurement
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm Sponsor Session- Kelly Services

Supplier Diversity Programs came into existence when President Richard Nixon signed Executive Order 11625 in 1972 and focused on African Americans. In the 40+ years since then, the concept has become more inclusive, incorporating more ethnic minorities, women, veterans, the LGBT and disabled communities and other small businesses in the USA and sometimes abroad. The programs’ focus upon diverse suppliers has also matured ranging from outreach to targeted and measured supplier development initiatives. As the CPO, you’ve communicated Supplier Diversity’s values: its relationships to the multiethnic consumer, its opportunities to identify innovation and how it supports Corporate Values. But… are we missing opportunities to support:

  • Procurement’s larger objectives if Supplier Diversity (SD) programs are siloed and not aligned with Sourcing’s DNA?
  • Are SD’s measurable goals aligned with the Operational Master Plan? 
  • Are SD wins included in evaluations and opportunities for your teams development?  
  • Are Diverse Suppliers included in SRM programs and opportunities?  

As People Leaders, you see the opportunities and the barriers for driving change in this area. During this in-depth panel discussion, we will review opportunities for Supplier Diversity to strategically support procurement’s successes and breakthroughs for increasing effectiveness.


Brian Peters

Procurement Director and Head, Procurement Center of Excellence (CoE)
Gilead Sciences

Fernando Gonzalez-Moro Soriano

Head of Americas and Commercial Purchasing


Tom Thattacherry

Head of Supplier Diversity

1:00 pm - 1:20 pm Sponsor Session - GEP

1:20 pm - 2:20 pm Lunch For All Attendees

Track A: Optimizing Supplier Strategies For Successful Partnerships

2:20 pm - 2:50 pm Case Study: How to Build a Long Term Collaboration Roadmap to Achieve Continuous Improvement of Your Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Discover what it takes to maintain the strongest performance from your suppliers over the long term from both a procurement and business perspective so you can optimize your current SRM strategy.

  • How to adapt your existing processes to ensure that your strategic clinical suppliers perform at the highest levels for longer
  • How to influence the mindset of your suppliers to create more value with your business over a competitor
  • How to leverage emerging technologies to exploit your data and identify new suppliers with untapped opportunity
  • How to create the right plan to focus on suppliers correctly in terms of their criticality to the business

Track B: Drill-Down Roundtables
These interactive roundtable sessions take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to learn about. Sit and learn in an intimate format from thought leaders of procurement and services solution providers. Ask questions and engage with them to mutually understand some of the challenges you are facing and how you can mutually assist each other in accomplishing your respective goals.

1. How to Balance Relationships with Multiple Stakeholders that Have a Lasting Impact

2. Bridging The Gap Between Sponsor, Sites & CROs

3. Sourcing Ancillary Supplies That Go Into Supporting Clinical Trials

4. How to Make Every Interaction Count with Your Most Challenging Stakeholders
Kai Ding, Indirect Sourcing Lead, Global Procurement, Alexion Pharmaceuticals


Kai Ding

Indirect Sourcing Lead, Global Procurement
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

2:50 pm - 3:00 pm Innovation Spotlight

2:50 pm - 3:00 pm Innovation Spotlight

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Case Study: How Procurement Can Help Keep The Business Stabilized During M&A

Maria Metzger - Head of Clinical Functional Services, R&D Procurement Novartis
M&A activity and shifts in the global economy are pushing procurement to be more nimble and agile than ever before. Regardless of the maturity of your procurement department, or the size of your organization, the need to react swiftly and smartly to major business changes is paramount. Join this panel to learn more about:

  • Having a plan in place to address M&A before it happens 
  • Gaining transparency of the supply chain you’re inheriting and its risks  
  • Reviewing contracts and how they will affect spend in other divisions
  • Synergizing suppliers common to both companies
  • Engaging employees to make sure they get what is happening and don’t feel out of the loop
  • Having frequent opportunities for the company to gather and discuss M&A pain points


Maria Metzger

Head of Clinical Functional Services, R&D Procurement

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Drill-Down Roundtables Round 2

These interactive roundtable sessions take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to learn about. Sit and learn in an intimate format from thought leaders of procurement and services solution providers. Ask questions and engage with them to mutually understand some of the challenges you are facing and how you can mutually assist each other in accomplishing your respective goals.

1. Vetting and Managing Startup Supplier Relationships

2. Using Blockchain in Procurement 

3. Clinical Services Outside Of CRO For Pack, Repack, Labeling, Storage And Shipping

4. Utilizing GPOs To Source & Sufficiently Supply For Preclinical Trials 

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break And Final Visit To The Solutions Zone

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm Presentation: Using Effective Contract Management Processes To Deliver Value & Mitigate Risk

Working in volatile and international markets, pharmaceutical companies need to maintain a close focus on value delivery and risk management. What strategies can you implement to leverage your supplier relationships and contracts to manage supplier and market risk and ensure sustainable value delivery through the contract lifecycle.

  • Segmenting contract portfolios
  • Delivery value for money throughout the contractual relationship
  • Licensing and IP issues
  • Demonstrating year over year continuous improvement within the contract
  • Understanding the value of contract management as a lever in spend management
  • Using non-disclosure agreements as a risk mitigation tool with key suppliers
  • Examining how to manage complex contracts and cross-organizational demands
  • Structuring contracts for an exit at the beginning in anticipation of M&A activity

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm Panel: Creating The Optimal Procurement Team To Succeed In The New Digital Business Environment

Mark Davis - Head of Procurement Radius Health, Inc.
As AI, machine learning and Blockchain disrupt normal patterns of work and increasingly replace manual tasks, find out how to re-profile your team so they spend more time on higher-value sourcing and partnering activities.

  • Which tasks will AI, machine learning and Blockchain replace in the future?
  • How to achieve the best mix of automated and manual sourcing activities
  • How to quickly re-profile your existing procurement team so they focus on tasks that are not automated
  • How to develop the right performance metrics for automated and non-automated procurement activities to maximize efficiency


Mark Davis

Head of Procurement
Radius Health, Inc.

5:00 pm - 5:00 pm Conference Concludes