ProcureCon Pharma US 2018

October 22 - 23, 2018

The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, NJ

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Tandra Davis

Board Member
ISM New York

1:40 PM Panel | Kicking Category Strategy To The Stratosphere – Or The Curb?

In many organizations, there is a misalignment between procurement and other business functions. A misunderstanding of category management can lead to terrible outcomes and the questioning of procurement's value. But for organizations that have created a solid category management strategy; there is no denying that the profile of procurement has been raised, as has its engagement at a more senior level. In this informative panel, learn how you can build the right strategy for your organization.

  • What does category management really mean in today’s enterprise?
  • Can you get rid of category management? How would you replace it?  What risks would that create – and would the stakeholders really buy in?
  • If you keep it: are there new ways to strengthen it, achieve significant cost savings, gain process efficiencies, and enhance productivity? 

4:20 PM Panel | Managing Employment Risk by Optimizing Your Contingent Labor and Staff Augmentation Programs

What you need to know about the risks and opportunities associated with the convergence of procurement/HR managing contingent within the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Co-employment and compliance issues, who’s responsible for violations?
  • Benchmarking labor costs to ensure you’re getting the best people, quickly, at the best cost
  • How large a role should MSPs play in your contingent labor workforce?
  • How the rise of the freelance economy factors into your contingent labor strategy
  • Developing playbooks to manage contract labor outside of the United States
  • If there’s a mandate to reduce employees, does staff augmentation really save money? 

5:00 PM Panel | Commercialization Trends: How Procurement Can Deliver Savings And Showcase Value In A Patient-Centric Environment

As treatments become more personalized, how can procurement partner with marketing and suppliers to deliver a fully realized commercialization program without breaking the bank? How can you create a detailed analytical approach to determining value, melding prescription data, payer data, and data from patients together to create a more complete picture of how best to commercialize a drug? This panel will discuss:

  • Understanding how your customers and patients consume information
  • Influencing diverse stakeholders in an increasingly personalized market
  • Mastering agency relationships to ensure full transparency
  • Market research, data and business intelligence
  • Collateral and print materials
  • Sourcing marketing automation software

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tandra.

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